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Todd Bunker was born on Christmas Eve of 1971, a fact that his four older brothers and older sister hold against him to this day. His mother characterizes the blessed holiday-ruining event as a "Pleasant surprise" which was "the best Christmas present ever."

Todd attended Catholic school grades 1 through 6, after which his parents gave him the option of attending public school so as to avoid becoming a social hothouse flower. While Todd regrets not having gone through puberty in the midst of Catholic school girls, he still knows an awful lot about the Catholic Church. As an adult, he received a degree in English from Western Washington University, and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and South America.

Upset Publishing released Todd's first novel, "Wrapped in Gray" in September of 2002, and his second novel, "The Champion" in October of 2005. He currently lives with his wife Angie in Wenatchee, WA, makes wine professionally, and is most likely planning his next vacation.

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