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  Novel number three. The idea for this novel was actually conceived during the final weeks of finishing up "Wrapped in Gray". After completing that novel, and taking about a week off, I decided I was ready to begin "Chosen", while simultaneously shopping "Wrapped in Gray" around to agents and publishers. A few days later, Chapter 1 was finished, and I realized that if I kept on writing at that pace I would end up in a padded cell. Instead I let Chapter 1 sit unmolested on my computer's hard drive for almost a year. After some time away from fiction writing, followed by the completion of the short story "Internal Uprising", I was ready to resume work on "Chosen", which I did in September 2001. About two thirds of the way through the book, the idea for my third novel "The Champion" elbowed poor "Chosen" out of the picture. Now that "The Champion" has been completed and is slated for the high pressure "sophomore effort" slot, "Chosen" is free to evolve in relative calm.

Here then, is the first chapter of "Chosen"


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