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    Short Stories

  • A Matter of Certain Gravity
  • Dalipalooza
  • Internal Uprising
  • Slow Suicide
  • These stories (with the exception of "Internal Uprising") were written between 1995 (post-college) and 1997 (pre-novel #1). Short stories, while great fun to write as well as read, have absolutely no commercial worth, other than use as an advertisement for an author. Of if an author is lucky enough to have two or three successful novels, perhaps their publisher can be coerced into the risk of releasing a collection of short stories, which is a sweet financial coup for the writer – making money out of something you had laying around already. Other than that, they really don't get much exposure, (which seems odd in this go-go, cut-to-the-quick computer age,) unless you happen to win an award from one of those by-English-professors, for-English-professors "contests" that various university-related presses run. It's always good to have an award on your resume, I guess.

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