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      The Champion

    "The Champion"was actually the third novel I started, but the second completed. After writing over half of the book currently known as Novel in Progress, I reached a point where much more hands-on research was needed, research involving an extended trip to France which is still on hold.

At the same time I started getting exciting ideas for expanding "The Champion" into a full-blown novel. It was originally a short story influenced by a news item I read of a woman on a whale-watching trip in Canada who had been ticketed by police for touching a whale. I thought that maybe this was an ominous precursor of things to come... what will the world be like in 50 or 100 years, when the population has reached 12 billion people and beyond and resources are slimmer than ever? Will the remaining nature be roped off like some sort of outdoor museum? And what will the political ramifications of all this be?

Thus was the idea of "The Champion - A Novel" hatched. Here is the synopsis:

It's the not-so-distant future - the waning days of the American empire. Natural resources are slim, the temperature is rising, and the fate of humanity hangs precariously in the balance. Following the burst of the population bubble, the people of new Seattle are confined to the remote, isolated outpost of a relocated and ultra-efficient city waiting for nature to restore itself.

Citizen Nicolas Poole finds himself accused of environmental terrorism after unwittingly causing the worst natural catastrophe in modern history. A narrow escape thrusts him into the squeaky clean underbelly of the city where he realizes that while there may be a synthesized chicken in every pot, and life (and the city) may smell sweet, just below the surface subtle and unseen forces continue the eternal power struggle.

Forced to flee the city, Poole and his girlfriend journey across the reconstituted wilderness of Washington State, where they find that life outside the habitat for humanity is a whole new game, and a shadowy government has unknown plans for the future of America. As civilization slips ever faster into another dark age, Poole must race against the clock to reunite with his missing father - a preeminent scientist with designs of his own for the fate of the world - and prove himself to history as a "champion" of a different sort.


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